Visible Ghosts

5. vg artwork




Falling stars seem to burn the brightest when I think of you and our

Moments here together situated in the dark

Buried in each other’s arms

Holding you with tiny palms

Thinking that we’ll never part

Scared of ghosts

Each and every other night I’d wake you up from sleep

Rivers down my eyes and my little trembling feet station in your cozy sheets

Then you’d brush my nappy hair, daddy’s here, baby sleep

Sure enough everything would be alright cos you’d were right there love

Piecing together every piece of peace for me

Now a distant memory

Cos all I know is misery

I wish that you could sing to me



Ntyilo ntyilo x3



Dear dad

The ghosts that used to live beneath my bed

Show themselves within my mirror, nowadays I feel so dead

And so I cut myself in desperation just to feel alive

Ciggies in my system on a daily and liquor


Liquor gives me peace of mind

When I can barely survive

When I’m feeling mystified

Angry at you all the time

Why did you leave me behind

Oh father. But it’s alright, one day I’ll understand. I still wish that you could sing for me



Ntyilo ntyilo x3

Yamnandi lo ncholo x4




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