Something To Believe In

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Faithless creatures of the evening
Who are we, what are we seeking
Smoke and drinking every evening
Give us something to believe in

(Mx DaFreshPrince)

We just niggas from the bottom
Who never wanna be awesome
We just chill all night & smoke some
With people who don’t adore us
4 sums
We really keep it sick like the chorus
Adorn us
We high, we Miguel on this lotus
Grinding all night
We alright with my wolf pack
Blinding your sight with your love is when the truth lacks/
Under money trees
Bitch bring my money please
100 g’s when I drop verses on this honey keys
In the dark praying for something we don’t believe in
We take it from the parents who makes us believe we evil
Haters deceive us
Confused by the scriptures
Understanding mine, so I am the black Jesus
Yeah we got our brooms we fly across you
Do you
But always keep your haters on the look too
Fuck it, that’s mad, you better hate your enemies
And show them who’s the man
Take it to the head like Kennedy



Stone cold kisses from the Ramadan sun
Rooftop chilling with a bible in my hand
Searching for a purpose I don’t fully understand
Questioning why God is referred to as a man
I’m thinking these are the results
Young, very dumb, very numb, smoke sumn
Single sons and single daughters within a slum
Single children and single parents we have become
I’m thinking these are the results
Young, very dumb, very numb, smoke sumn
Drink this, sniff this, suck this, come
Sweety no love, no love, just cum
Yes, you find us at the height of the night
Smoking, searching for a purpose within this life
Right here, in the corridors of the flight
Where music, gets us through the very end of the night
Cos we’re reckless…




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