Listening to the chills of loneliness ever real

Trying hard to conceal evidence of the chills

You give to me when we’re parted and there’s too much time to kill

One would swear I’d be used to it cos it’s part of the drill now

I mean; you come, we fuck then it’s pillow talks of the future

Say you gon’ leave her and make me part of the focal picture

It’s been a minute, I haven’t seen it, you say you mean it, I don’t believe it

But I love you so I stay with you Mr.


Sipping on something


Feeling like, like I’m in shit



Tears falling down, yes I guess I’m in an abyss

Drowning in an abyss

I don’t know how it came to this

However, it came to this

Just know that I envy your bitch



My eyes see what my heart has blinded itself to, goodness no

My why me

I’m addicted to this lust and I can’t let it go


I’m so full of E-N-V-Y don’t you love me like her



So here we are again

Heart partially beating

Body partially clothed

Mind is partially sane

“Pizza and Red Wine

Your leg over mine”

Lebo Mashile I feel it, it’s poetically timed

How you’re gon’ tell me shit

Say ‘you’re letting her go’

I mean ‘you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t mean a thing’

How I’m the one you’re needing

Begging and pleading with me

“Hold on a little longer

Come on a little longer”

My lifeline has become empty promises

They keep flowing me in and out of consciousness

Wanna leave you but crawling back to you is what I end up doing

I love and hate you too

Drowning in an abyss

I don’t know how it came to this

However, it came to this

Just know that I envy your bitch





Are you still listening


Listen even more cos when you do that carefully, you will hear that this is not even about you

Not about the fact that I can’t let you go, cos believe me, I can

A fool I was but the notion that you would be my finally found a way to escape me

All it’s really about now is; wanting you because I cannot have you

I lust for you because you’re not mine

And I’ve subjected myself to being the other girl

Because I’m jealous

Jealous that you were able to make love and feel love for someone all at the same time

Someone who isn’t I

It was supposed to be me

Hence I envy your main

I envy her so much that I’m busy making sure that that’s all she’ll ever be

Your main

Never your only




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