Visible Ghosts

5. vg artwork




Falling stars seem to burn the brightest when I think of you and our

Moments here together situated in the dark

Buried in each other’s arms

Holding you with tiny palms

Thinking that we’ll never part

Scared of ghosts

Each and every other night I’d wake you up from sleep

Rivers down my eyes and my little trembling feet station in your cozy sheets

Then you’d brush my nappy hair, daddy’s here, baby sleep

Sure enough everything would be alright cos you’d were right there love

Piecing together every piece of peace for me

Now a distant memory

Cos all I know is misery

I wish that you could sing to me



Ntyilo ntyilo x3



Dear dad

The ghosts that used to live beneath my bed

Show themselves within my mirror, nowadays I feel so dead

And so I cut myself in desperation just to feel alive

Ciggies in my system on a daily and liquor


Liquor gives me peace of mind

When I can barely survive

When I’m feeling mystified

Angry at you all the time

Why did you leave me behind

Oh father. But it’s alright, one day I’ll understand. I still wish that you could sing for me



Ntyilo ntyilo x3

Yamnandi lo ncholo x4




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Seasons Change

4. sc artwork


(Extract from Lost and Delirious)


Flicker x4 flame baby

I can’t escape the fire of this burning pain baby

Flicker x4 flame

I need you like a needle and some poison in my veins

Flicker x4 flame baby

How can you tell me that seasons have gone and changed baby

Flicker x4 flame

You know you’re my elixir and I need you Autumn rain


I’m so abandoned, deep in this depression

Once upon a yesterday you were my respiration

But I stopped breathing

Here’s a situation

You took away my life when got tired of our loving

Told me “I have to leave my Eve I’ve gotta get away

I don’t know how to love you with all this baggage inside me

I’m very lost and I don’t want nobody to find me

So please forgive me but I’m leaving S’thandwa sami’

And so I sat deep in the dark right where you left me

Stuck in the depths of death

Drinking and puffing on my cigarettes


How? How could you leave

After becoming my reason to breathe

You know that you are my favourite drug

The type of dying I can’t live without

Thinking about it I don’t think I’ll ever understand how to never need you

People are trying to love me but I cannot love them so they try to be you

Already dead but even in that I’m dying my baby I need you

Already dead but even in that oh mtanomuntu yes I need you




And so I go deeper in this depression, yeah

And yes I drink harder than when you knew me, yeah

And every night, fuck it yes every night I be fighting the urges to call you and say the dumbest shit

Hey maan sweedie beka, can I be your bliss once again

I wanna dive and drown inside your abyss

Can we smoke

Can we zone

Discuss how very alone we are

We are

I want to be your Jupiter star

Or your sun

Or your moon

That position in your room you lay at and assume that heaven is in a tomb

For you

That place, that space, that desperate escape for thee

Let it be me indefinitely

Ah man, I wonder if this will even reach you

Saying it does, I want you to know that sweedie-ma-bebe it’s still you

Listen; I’m dead but even in that I’m dying my baby I need you

But it’s okay cos seasons have changed

And winter is something I’ll get through




Ebsuku nase mini s’thandwa sami ey

K’yohlala ku wuwe wedwa sthandwa sami ey

Intsuku zami zonke s’thandwa sami ey

K’yohlala ku wuwe wedwa sthandwa sami ey



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Something To Believe In

3. stbi artwork



Faithless creatures of the evening
Who are we, what are we seeking
Smoke and drinking every evening
Give us something to believe in

(Mx DaFreshPrince)

We just niggas from the bottom
Who never wanna be awesome
We just chill all night & smoke some
With people who don’t adore us
4 sums
We really keep it sick like the chorus
Adorn us
We high, we Miguel on this lotus
Grinding all night
We alright with my wolf pack
Blinding your sight with your love is when the truth lacks/
Under money trees
Bitch bring my money please
100 g’s when I drop verses on this honey keys
In the dark praying for something we don’t believe in
We take it from the parents who makes us believe we evil
Haters deceive us
Confused by the scriptures
Understanding mine, so I am the black Jesus
Yeah we got our brooms we fly across you
Do you
But always keep your haters on the look too
Fuck it, that’s mad, you better hate your enemies
And show them who’s the man
Take it to the head like Kennedy



Stone cold kisses from the Ramadan sun
Rooftop chilling with a bible in my hand
Searching for a purpose I don’t fully understand
Questioning why God is referred to as a man
I’m thinking these are the results
Young, very dumb, very numb, smoke sumn
Single sons and single daughters within a slum
Single children and single parents we have become
I’m thinking these are the results
Young, very dumb, very numb, smoke sumn
Drink this, sniff this, suck this, come
Sweety no love, no love, just cum
Yes, you find us at the height of the night
Smoking, searching for a purpose within this life
Right here, in the corridors of the flight
Where music, gets us through the very end of the night
Cos we’re reckless…




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Listening to the chills of loneliness ever real

Trying hard to conceal evidence of the chills

You give to me when we’re parted and there’s too much time to kill

One would swear I’d be used to it cos it’s part of the drill now

I mean; you come, we fuck then it’s pillow talks of the future

Say you gon’ leave her and make me part of the focal picture

It’s been a minute, I haven’t seen it, you say you mean it, I don’t believe it

But I love you so I stay with you Mr.


Sipping on something


Feeling like, like I’m in shit



Tears falling down, yes I guess I’m in an abyss

Drowning in an abyss

I don’t know how it came to this

However, it came to this

Just know that I envy your bitch



My eyes see what my heart has blinded itself to, goodness no

My why me

I’m addicted to this lust and I can’t let it go


I’m so full of E-N-V-Y don’t you love me like her



So here we are again

Heart partially beating

Body partially clothed

Mind is partially sane

“Pizza and Red Wine

Your leg over mine”

Lebo Mashile I feel it, it’s poetically timed

How you’re gon’ tell me shit

Say ‘you’re letting her go’

I mean ‘you wouldn’t be here if it didn’t mean a thing’

How I’m the one you’re needing

Begging and pleading with me

“Hold on a little longer

Come on a little longer”

My lifeline has become empty promises

They keep flowing me in and out of consciousness

Wanna leave you but crawling back to you is what I end up doing

I love and hate you too

Drowning in an abyss

I don’t know how it came to this

However, it came to this

Just know that I envy your bitch





Are you still listening


Listen even more cos when you do that carefully, you will hear that this is not even about you

Not about the fact that I can’t let you go, cos believe me, I can

A fool I was but the notion that you would be my finally found a way to escape me

All it’s really about now is; wanting you because I cannot have you

I lust for you because you’re not mine

And I’ve subjected myself to being the other girl

Because I’m jealous

Jealous that you were able to make love and feel love for someone all at the same time

Someone who isn’t I

It was supposed to be me

Hence I envy your main

I envy her so much that I’m busy making sure that that’s all she’ll ever be

Your main

Never your only




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