BloodOn My Hands 2.0

Blood On My Hands_We're Almost There Artwork

Song title:Blood On My Hands

Artist: Devour Ke Lenyora

Project: We’re Almost There



Beautiful poison in these glasses

Alhamdulillah on my conscience

Nocturnally meditating upon my mattress

Fact is, these hunger pains are so bad cos everyday, everyday, everyday we practice

How to be poor

How to be broke

How to be fucked

By the system

Yes you’ve got matric

But you’re outta luck

No shit for you here

Go and be thug

Be a baby mama

Go get a grant

Oh Nkos’ yam, kwe-nzakalan’

How are these my option, now I’ve gotta thugga-thugga-thug it out

Hustler, mama I’m a hustler

Gotta kill bitches, run shit, act it all out like I want an Oscar

Blood on my hands

Johazardous jungle, kill or be killed that’s the motto for my manzez

To tell u the truth, I don’t think I would’ve stoned Emmanuel to death on that cross but sold anti-Christ t-shirts across the streets

And when he asks why on the Day of Judgment I’ll tell him that I had to eat I had to

Cos true sin started with the hunger, [that’s] the deceit


The devil advances

But I’ve gotta take my chances

Cos I am a hustler, mama I’m a hustler

Gotta kill or be killed and the flow says I’m a monster


Who am I

Call me lady Di

Queen shit got them waling when I spit a line

Mathosa in her prime

The Rebel T. Mazwai

Lauryn Hill deep when she wrote Freedom Time

I’m, fussy kinda like Brenda hella hard

Problem with the bars

Style is on retard

Wo-man, I swear I am The Man, double D cup nut sack hanging from my chest, yes




3. On My Hands_We're Almost There Artwork